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16.08.2023 10:46
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11.05.2023 10:47
2417.PRO - Site ads + ChatGPT

2417.PRO - we are the first ad site in Russia, which began using ChatGPT to generate product descriptions based on titles and other characteristics.

18.04.2023 16:49
What are premium ads?

Premium Ads is a service that gives users of 2417.PRO an opportunity to make their ads stand out and find potential customers faster.

08.04.2023 09:22
How to set up a proper design - Business Profile.

We recommend that all important elements (logo, slogan, phones, etc.) be placed in the 1280x140 px area at the top-central part of the image. This way they will be visible on the tablets too.

02.04.2023 20:16
The gift for you is a daily promo code.

We'd like to give you a promo code: ПЛЮС10 - for a daily refill of your account at 2417.PRO Free Ads

** The promo code can be used again after 24 hours.

09.02.2023 18:50

Project Blog / Articles and news on 2417.PRO